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A man jumps inrto the air reaching a height of 0.5m. If he stored up 296.5 J(joules) of energy, how much mass does he have? I know the formula is PE = mgh ..but since we're looking for 'm' here it's different I've already tried dividing 296.5 by 0.5 and I got 593, and my teacher told me it was... show more A man jumps inrto the air reaching a height of 0.5m.

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Physics Assignment Help | Advanced Physics Homework Help Physics Homework Help A very simple yet a common definition of physics that you can find in every textbook tells that physics is the study of matter and energy.

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Physics (or any science for that matter) is my weakest subject. I just don't understand it. I took Biology in my freshman year in high school (passed that with a low D), Chemistry in my sophomore year (failed that, had to take summer school), and now i'm in my junior year and i'm taking Physics (Passed first semester with a low C).

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